Sanit Inventions (Pvt) Ltd has been provided Door Lock System as a one of best service to our customers.We are specially offered that solutions for our Hotel Customers. Hotel Rooms each filled with RFID Lock Solution, allowing for comprehensive access Control and System Management. The intelligent hotel lock system is specially designed to meet the needs of modern hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation costs.
01. Lock hardware is made of cast steel, to create impact resistant ability
02. Stand-alone lock is powered by 4 standard AA alkaline batteries
03. Low power consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs help keep running costs low
04. No wiring required and locks are linked together through keycard operation
05. The Lock memories the latest 864 access records, which can be retrieved anytime
06. The lock’s auto check function alerts users of abnormal operations and low batteries
07. Lost keycard can be invalidated and disabled by simple card operations on the lock

Door Lock System Main Function

We are providing the Following items to include to Door Lock System

  1. Door Lock
  2. Lock Management System
  3. Card Encorder
  4. Key Card
  5. Key Card Holder